Shanksville locals react to President’s visit

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Shanksville locals reacted to President Trump’s arrival at today’s ceremony.

President Trumps appearance will mark seven years since a sitting President last came to the September 11 Ceremony at the Flight 93 Memorial. The last President to visit was Barack Obama in 2011.

Monday night, our Evan Hinkley talked with locals to hear their response to the Commander-In-Chief returning.

“It’s good for the community, it’s good for him to show his respect for the families,” said Justin Trent in Shanksville.

Justin Trent, along with his son, senses a bit of excitement in the small town of Shanksville.

“We get a good amount of people through the town, but I’m sure there will be a lot more here,” said Trent.

And then there’s Chad Koval, who’s happy to hear that Shanksville, is remembered for being a small town with a big heart.

“I think rural America counts, and I think whether it be here, New York, wherever something like that takes place, I feel that people shouldn’t forget,” said Koval.

Koval didn’t make much out of any political motives by the President, instead recognizing he feels it’s the duty of every sitting President to pay their respects.

“I think it’s good that the President, and any President come to these places from time-to-time. It just shows that he cares and, by the amount of people out here, that’ll let you know that I think everybody cares,” said Koval.

When our Evan Hinkley asked people what they were doing on September 11, 2001, there was many different things they were doing to start the day, but they all said they were in a state of shock, deep sadness, and it’s a day they will never forget.

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