Senator Corman calls for renewed, full forensic audit of 2020 election in Pennsylvania

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CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — 10 months after the 2020 Presidential Election, State Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman calls for a renewed, full forensic investigation into the Pennsylvania elections process. He said the results are final, but the process needs oversight.

“This isn’t about changing results, this is about putting a process in so we can educate ourselves so that everybody, whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, whatever, has faith in the results moving forward, and that’s our goal,” said Senator Corman.

In Pennsylvania, President Biden defeated former President Trump by about 80,000 votes. The votes are certified, but Senator Corman said the community is still questioning the logistics.

“There’s certainly a large segment of the population just judging by the phone calls and the contacts that I’ve received that are concerned with our last election,” said Corman.

He said some points of concern include removing absentee signature verification, counting ballots after election day, and creating drop boxes without security.

“A lot of it was things surrounding the secretary of state and things that she did during the last election that was unprecedented,” said Corman.

Senate Democrats are primarily opposed to the audit, calling it unwarranted and unprecedented.

“They’re going to be a part of it, and again it has to be something that they have faith in as well,” said Corman. “It’s done through a committee process which there are Democratic members.” 

Corman said he has been in contact with Trump on the audit.

“I know he’s contacted a few people including myself, but not about the details of how we’re doing or what we’re doing, just that he was interested in what was going on,” said Corman.

In Centre County, one of the four counties Corman serves, commissioners said they uphold their confidence in the way elections were conducted.

Will they be changing anything for the future?

“No, I don’t think so,” said Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe. “Every election provides new challenges, whether it’s recruitment of poll workers, finding new polling locations, but I think in terms of the state passing any new laws, we’re not likely to see any coming through.” 

As for next steps, Senator Corman said more details will be revealed in the coming days, including how voters can testify and share their election experiences.

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