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ALTOONA, Pa (WTAJ)– In the five years since they’ve opened, Scrochin Boxing crossed a significant landmark sending one of their fighters to the USA Boxing Nationals in Louisiana.

In December, Lauren Michaels took on one of her biggest fights against some top fighters in her division across the country. She said she’s never experienced anything like that in her three years in boxing.

“I’ve never done a tournament like that before at that level especially. So, it was a really good experience,” Michaels said.

Unfortunately, Michaels did not win the fight at nationals but she returned to Altoona with some new knowledge to change her game. Michaels said she watched the other elite fighters and picked up some of their strategies to implement in her game.

“Seeing what they were doing and what I was doing,” Michaels said. “What was working for me and what wasn’t. As soon as we came back, we were in the gym already changing our game plan, changing our strategy, changing how I fight.”

Now, she’s fighting with more confidence and determination. CEO of Scorchin Boxing Jeremiah Witherspoon said that Michaels performance out on the national stage is a good representation of what the gym does to train and build good fighters.

“To me, it just showed how much hard work she put into it,” Witherspoon said. “Then, she represented all of us. The representation is phenomenal, and she did a great job at it.”

Witherspoon said they’re looking to take two more boxers to the national level. However, the fighters have to qualify to participate in the national. The main way boxers can get to the nationals is through practice and getting experience.

“The confidence and getting experience and the true thing of believing in themselves,” Witherspoon said. “Knowing that they can compete on any level, any place, any time, anyone. So that’s what we want to install and still into our fighters.”

Michaels goal is to qualify for another national tournament sometime in the spring. Witherspoon said that the goal for the year is to bring in more fighters to the gym.

That’s why the gym will continue to host fights and invite talent from across the nation. Their first fighting event, “Cold War Rumble,” is Saturday, Jan. 15th, at their gym on 2900 Beale Ave. Michaels plans to utilize her new strategies when she takes on her opponent.

“Next Saturday when I fight, I’m planning on implementing that and just continue to do that throughout the year until nationals again,” Michaels said. “And it’ll be a whole different story next time.”

The “Cold War Rumble” fights begin at 2 p.m.

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