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MOUNT UNION, (WTAJ) — The Mount Union superintendent wants to shut down Mapleton Elementary School.

She says her reasons for doing so have been misunderstood.

And that parents think that it’s due to low test scores and attendance but she says it’s all about Mapleton’s enrollment declining over the years.

Mapleton Union Elementary school has eighty-two students and seven teachers.

Mount Union school district’s superintendent Amy Smith says that in addition to lack of students and teachers, the building needs a new roof and heating system.

Smith says renovations will be costly and not worth paying for.

So the school district wants to sell Mapleton and relocate its students and teachers to Kistler and Shirley Township Elementary Schools.

This creates an opportunity for the students to work together to enhance team building and it provides equitable learning and support and resources.

Amy Smith, Superintendent

But parents say this is a terrible idea.

“I don’t like the idea of it. I just feel that the other two elementary schools are not big enough to accommodate all of the kids,” said Angela Smith.

However, a local in the area says that this may benefit the community by lowering taxes.

“The kids can adjust… it’s the parents who can’t adjust,” Wesley Ray, a local resident said.

Superintendent Smith says that closing the school and reconfiguring would allow all students in the Mount Union School District to acquire the same education, but with more options when it comes to teachers and more money in their budget.

The board will have meetings in January and February.

They’ll take a final vote in March.

If they decide to close Mapleton, the reconfiguration will take effect next school year.

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