School district recognized for energy efficiency

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Moshannon Valley School District was recently Energy Star-certified for the work they’ve done to become energy efficient.

The district decided to adopt a more sustainable and environmentally friendly plan to save energy and money.

They began a series of big and little changes, things like adding an aquaponics lab and garden for science classes, and turning off lights and limiting the number of coffee makers.

“So that instead of having 30 coffee pots going during the day, you have one or two,” Superintendent Dr. John Zesiger said. “So just simple changes like that have gone a long way.”

A main reason for making the changes is to save the district, and taxpayers, money.

“Energy is actually a bigger cost than textbooks and computers combined in most school districts, but it’s actually a manageable expense, it’s something they can do something about,” Kevin Warren with Warren Energy Engineering said.

So far, the district is saving about $73,000 a year, most of that from putting controls on their heating and air conditioning and switching to led light bulbs.

Next on their list: renovate the library with a energy efficient features.

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