SCASD Board Approves Dollars for Athletic Field Lights

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During Monday night’s board meeting the State College Area school board also made a decision that will make it easier for students and event planners to use their athletic field.

As we inch closer to daylight saving time, sunlight is running out fast for these teams.
“We’ll be coming into parts of the year here now where it’s difficult to be out on the field after six o’ clock and with our school day running now almost to four o’ clock, it really limits the amount of outdoor play time., Ed Poprik, with the State College Are School District said.
It’s not just athletes that will benefit from new field lights.
“The primary driver of that request comes around space for our marching band to practice. 
Poprik said it’s a lot to move a hundred kids and instruments to the current practice spot, three times a week.
The new lights would allow the marching band to move less, by practicing at the field, under the lights.
The request will go to the State College Borough, which is expected to look at it in November.
The whole project is expected to cost just over a half million dollars.
The school district hopes the lights can be put up in the spring.

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