Saxton-School district to decide on future of student resource off

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A Bedford County school district may lose it’s school resource officer at the end of the school year.
Now the school board is looking at a number of options to try to keep him.
Each one of these lockers at Tussey Mountain High School represent a life, a life parents say they want to protect with a student resource officer, even it means a new tax.
Larry Miller has four nieces and nephews in the Tussey Mountain Area School District. 
He says when his grandkids are old enough, they’ll go here.  

Larry says when you have loved ones in school, it makes you feel much better knowing there is school resource officer, or “S.R.O.” there, in case trouble starts.

“Just having the visibility and the officer here is a deterrent, and having the cruiser sitting out front,” Miller, said.
The state safety grant that’s been paying for the district’s SRO, Dave Brusek, for the past three years expires at the end of this school. 
Superintendent Gary Dawson says the school board first has to decide if they want a school resource officer next school year.
If so they’ll have to figure out how to make it happen.
They could continue their partnerhsip with the Saxton Borough Police or look at other options.

“The school district itself could open it’s own department, police department,” Gary Dawson, Superintendent, for Tussey Mountain School District, said.  “We would have to apply to our local judge and get that approved.  There also some agencies out there that are supply SROs to school districts and we could move forward and into an agreement with one of those agencies.”

In order to pay for an SRO, the school district may start fundraising, look at budget cuts or ask the borough to tax residents, something Miller says he has no problem doing because he’ll knows his loved ones are safer with an SRO in the school. 

“If he wasn’t hear, what are they gonna’ do?”  Miller said.  “They’ll have to call the state police.”

After the Saxton Borough Police department, the closest police department is the Huntingdon State Police, a thirty minute drive.

The school board will decide next month whether or not they will have an SRO next school year.  If they decide to keep the SRO position they’ll vote in early June on a way that position will be provided.

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