CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) – Saint Francis University and the Erevelles family jointly announced the addition of a program that will work to support Pre-Med students.

The Joseph Erevelles Biology Pre-Medicine Program will help university students receive enhanced support as they pursue placement in medical, dental optometry, veterinary, and related medical fields. The Joseph Erevelles Biology Pre-Medicine Program is the first-named program in the University’s School of STEAM.

The Joseph Erevelles Biology Pre-Medicine Program will provide financial support to students as they prepare and register for medical school admissions tests, pay application fees for medical schools, and travel to interviews. In addition, students may also use portions of the endowment for undergraduate research opportunities, annual achievement awards, travel/participation expenses for professional meetings, and other relevant expenses.

Joseph Erevelles, who passed away on October 12, 2020, was the son of Drs. Christine (Koneski) and Winston Erevelles. He had a passion for science and service, and his family and friends believed that he would have changed the world.

Christine graduated from Saint Francis in 1986 with a BS degree in Biology Pre-Medicine. She earned her M.D. degree at Temple University School of Medicine, practices as an emergency physician, and currently serves as the system medical director in the Baptist System in San Antonio, Texas. Winston is Dean Emeritus of the School of Science, Engineering, and Technology at St. Mary’s University in Texas.

The Erevelles family gathered at Saint Francis University on Sunday, June 19, 2022, with University representatives to announce the naming of the program and associated gifts.

Dr. Peter Skoner, Dean of the School of STEAM, shared a statement.

“I am thankful to the Erevelles family for providing the first-named program in the School of STEAM at Saint Francis University. The Biology Pre-Medicine Program has a long history at the university, with outstanding and successful graduates, including Dr. Christine Erevelles. The program is a prime example of quality health and medical programs at Saint Francis that continue to produce individuals ready to serve the medical needs of our nation for years to come.” Dr. Skoner noted that the gifts have the potential to attract, support, and encourage Biology Pre-Medicine students for years to come.

Dr. Christine Erevelles, spoke about the academic preparation, essential science background, problem-solving ability, confidence, and personal attention she received at Saint Francis. She pointed out that the encouragement of Dr. Wayne Takacs, Professor Emeritus of Biology, put her on the path to medical school. Therefore it seemed very fitting that the Joseph Erevelles Biology Pre-Medicine Program would provide that same extra support and encouragement to Saint Francis Biology Pre-Medicine students as they pursue their goals in the medical field.

Over the past ten years, students completing program requirements at Saint Francis have had a 90% acceptance rate into medical and professional schools.

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For information about the program, please visit the Saint Francis program website. Or contact Marie Young at (814) 472-3127, Erin McCloskey (814) 472-3938