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CENTRE COUNTY Pa. (WTAJ) – The sun is out and the outdoors are calling your furry friends to play. But as temperatures begin to rise, so do the dangers for your pets when in the summer heat.

According to Dr. John Griffiths at VCA Metzger Animal Hospital there are right and wrong times to leash up your pet for a walk.

“I’d say from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon is the worst time of the day,” said Griffiths.

While the best time?

“Early morning when it’s cooler or in the evening,” advised Griffiths.

Following these safety tips he says, can keep the pads on your pets paws from burning.

“Asphalt get’s very hot, sand gets very hot, so make sure they have grass to walk in,” said Griffiths.

They’ll also help prevent overheating or even worse, heat stroke.

“The signs of heat stroke, excessive panting, you look at their gums and they look almost brick red. Sometimes disorientation, vomiting, if you see that get them to a shaded area immediately. Douse them with cool water, not cold water. Cold water can put them into shock. And then obviously get them to a veterinarian as soon as possible,” said Griffiths.

Along with older dogs, and one’s with medical conditions, Dr. Griffiths warns that there are certain breeds that owners need to be extra careful with on hot days.

“The brachycephalic breeds. People sometimes call your smoosh faced dogs. Your boston terriers your pugs, your bull dogs, your boxers, they’re even more susceptible to heat, swelling in the throat,” said Griffiths.

Another tip to help your pet beat the heat is making sure they have plenty of shade if outside, and cold, fresh water.

“Not just dumping the water in there make sure you keep it fresh, putting ice cubes in the water is a good thing to do too,” said Griffiths.

Lastly, Dr. Griffiths says the biggest reminder, is to never leave your pet in the car.

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