JAMES CREEK, Pa. (WTAJ) — RV and boat retailers are still dealing with supply chain issues that began at the start of the pandemic. While it has improved somewhat since the height of the pandemic, they are still unable to match the demand.

Shy Beaver Boat Center has not had its warehouses and showrooms entirely full since the beginning of the pandemic. Business manager Enzo Marin says that even though inflation and prices for almost everything are are high, so is demand.

“This year has been a little bit better, not much,” Marin said. “We’ve been able to get a little more inventory, but the demand is still there. And we still can’t meet that demand a hundred percent. People that have ordered boats are probably six, seven months behind.”

A big factor is the shortage of raw materials that make up the boats accessories, like foam with furniture, or the boats themselves, like fiberglass. Marin says that they have different manufacturers across the country that are having trouble keeping up.

Owner of Ansley RV in Bill Ansley says that the inventory issues that they have experienced recently have been with more specific items than across the board.

“We’ve been able to get towables, the ones that you tow behind your truck, but we are still having issues getting the motorized, the ones that you drive,” Ansley said.

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Despite gas prices being high, both say that they are optimistic and that they are seeing more interest in the recreational industry.

“People are not stopping their vacations. They’re still finding a way to go. The campgrounds are all full. The lakes are all full,” Ansley said.

“I think that the industry is growing and that people are starting to enjoy the outdoors again,” Marin said.