Rumors arose of student with a gun at SC High… no gun found, but situation still taken seriously

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State College, Pa- Wednesday, State College Area High School was on lockdown over rumored reports of a student with a gun in the school.

No gun was found inside the school, as the rumored reports were false. However, police say a student did bring a bullet into school as was showing it to other students.

Police say the bullet was brought in from the student’s home, and that a school resource officer discovered the bullet and resolved the issue at that time.

But, police are still investigating how rumors spread to create inaccurate reports that the student possessed a gun. These reports circulated on different social media platforms and lead to concerns of a more serious situation.

State College Area School District’s (SCASD) policy for weapons prohibits ammunition. SCASD superintendent Dr. Rober O’Donnell said the student who brought the bullet to school will face consequences, including a possible suspension.

Within minutes of the 9-1-1 call going out to police, more than 19 officers were on the scene. And while there was no gun found, State College Borough Police Chief John Gardner said it’s never an overreaction to be proactive in a potentially serious situation.

“In this day and age when you hear somebody with a gun, in any social setting, but in particular a school… I’m not going to sit here and say it was an overreaction. I think it’s better safe than sorry…. and we’re going to continue to respond like that every time we hear something like that,” said Chief Gardner.

State College Area High School is the largest high school in Centre County. The school has many non-traditional classrooms that make it tougher to secure all students safely during a lockdown. But the district said there were no problems getting all students to a safe location, and the lockdown protocals went off without a hitch.

Police said they were impressed with the collectiveness of those inside the school.

Chief Gardner also said following a detailed investigation, charges may be pressed against the student who brought the bullet into school.

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