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BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Paul Aaron Ross retrial was on track to wrap up Friday but has been extended due to the length of witness testimonies.

Ross’ retrial surrounds the 2004 death of Tina Miller. Friday was the ninth day of the trial.

During the case’s opening arguments, Defense Attorney Thomas Dickey stressed the defense’s key evidence was the footprints found in Canoe Creek State Park, where Miller’s body was found. Matthew Marvin, deemed an expert in footwear examination, explained 26 shoe impressions found on the scene.

Martin said in addition to Miller’s shoes, there were a total of three impression present: footprints from Adidas Sambas, Osiris Screws and an unidentifiable sole. However, the cross-examination noted he could not pinpoint where exactly all of the imprints were from in relation to Miller’s body. Additionally, they cannot pinpoint the size of any of the shoes due to the variety of mold patterns and natural variation. For example, in the impressions they sampled, a size 8 through 10.5 all fit.

Another testimony came from forensic pathologist Dr. Eric Vey. Dr. Vey said the time of Miller’s death should include a broader window due to blood flow evidence he says the coroner falsely identified. He said the time of death is not an exact science.

The jury also witnessed different styles of testifying today. One witness, who was deemed an expert in the field of soil analysis and comparison called into the courtroom via video. He was unable to attend in person due to travel. Another witness testimony was read aloud to the jury by the defense attorney’s assistant as they were not able to attend in person either.

The jury will be off on Saturday and Sunday and will reconvene Monday morning. It is possible they will see more witness testimony followed by the attorney’s closing arguments and final instructions of law.

WTAJ will have more coverage of the retrial Monday evening.

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