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Tuesday’s Midterm Elections are expected to draw a lot of young voters to the polls.

“I am both registered to vote and voting,” Joseph Keslosky, Penn State Student said.

“As far as the decisions made for our economy and other things for the work force, taxes ,things like that, will be impacting us pretty directly within the next couple of years.,” Emma O’ Grady, Penn State Student, said.  “One of my roommates just registered, because she didn’t register for the last election and is really against the current situation with our administration.”

According to the Youth Voter Group, Next Gen, in June there were more registered voters between 18 to 35 years old, than 65 and over for the first time in Pennsylvania.
 Voter registration rates for 18-29 year-olds have have grown by more than 10-percent  since February.

Jack Barlow, Political Professor for Juniata College, says he believes young people today find the topics politicians are pushing relevant to them.  They’re also seeing what happens when they don’t vote.

“In the past they didn’t see that they had something to lose by note voting, and now it’s becoming clear to them that by note voting they could lose a lot,” Professor Barlow, said.

Professor Barlow says he sees the rising youth voter trend only growing more for this midterm election and going into the future. 

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