CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Inflation is at a 40-year high and many Americans are feeling the burden on their pockets.

From gas and food, many items are getting more and more expensive. This also includes school supplies. With school right around the corner, parents should consider buying their kid’s school supplies sooner.

“It’s a burden, we can’t get clothes, we can’t get ready for our supplies, it’s just a terrible burden.” Jim Brown a community farmer said.

A survey was recently done by teachers across America and 96% say that rising prices for supplies were creating a negative impact in schools this past year and it will only get worse this year.

“One thing that’s most important here at DuBois Christain Schools is that we partner with parents and spend a lot of time trying to understand and learn each year what our parents are up against. This year with inflation being one of those things we get a pretty good grasp of what those concerns might be,” Dean of Students at Dubois Christain School Mark Chittester said.

Since 2020 prices of pencils have risen 40% and a ream of paper has risen 60%.

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With the prices rising, DuBois Christian Schools is trying to make sure that students and their families don’t feel the economical burden.

“If a student happens to come in and something is on the supply list that they can’t afford we’re gonna make sure we get that item for the student,” Chittester said.