Retiring Congressman Shuster and others reflect on his career

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People in Bedford who worked with Congressman Bill Shuster say many lives were impacted by the Congressman during his term, from the water and sewer lines he helped get to communities to his work with agriculture and tourism.  Community leaders say that impact was felt, as the boy from Bedford worked with hometown pride, to help the town and area he grew up in.

“With his love and dedication to the people of this district, he would do anything that it takes for economic development,” Tonya Grimes, Mainstreet Manager for Downtown Bedford Inc., said.

“Downtown Bedford is booming, entrepreneurs developing, shops, restaurants, our mainstreet, our downtown Bedford doing incredible things,” Bette Slayton, President, for the Bedford County Development Association, said.  “The Springs’ impact is incredible and we have Bill Shuster to thank in large part for its restoration.”

Others like Mike Ross, President of the Franklin County Area Development Cooperation, point out the national impact Shuster had.

“During the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts Bill was able to direct a lot of mission work to Letter Kenny, which played into our national defense, but also led to significant gains in employment,” Mike Ross, President, for the Franklin County Area Development Cooperation, said.

Bill succeeded his father Bud Shuster in 2001, as representative for the 9th Congressional District.  Like his father, he also became chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.  Bill says his father had a tool he used, called earmarks, Congressional-directed spending, something Bill did not have.

“He used a hammer, I had to use hugs,” Congressman Bill Shuster said.  “Now I actually didn’t hug anybody but I certainly put my arm around many, many members and tried to persuade them to support the legislation that we were moving.”

Bill says he’s proud of what his team has been able to accomplish and is thankful to the people of South Central PA for giving him a chance.

“It’s been one of the great honors of my life to represent the people of the 9th Congressional District and I’ll be forever grateful for them putting their trust in me and their faith in me and sending me to Washington,” Bill Shuster, Congressman, for the 9th Congressional District, said.

Shuster says he’ll now be looking for another job and continue to be an advocate for road construction and infrastructure.

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