Residents react to proposed HalfMoon Township development

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A major development project could change the entire landscape of a local town.

Halfmoon Township Board of Supervisors will make a vote Thursday night that could be a big step for developers.
The project would build water and sewer services for more than a thousand new homes.  Some residents say they don’t like the idea.
Halfmoon Township is known for being a small, beautiful quiet place.  That’s why Alissa says she and her husband bought their Port Matilda home last year.  But she worries a new proposed development could change that.

“Bringing in more houses and a strip mall and things that would influx not only traffic but also impact the views of the valley,” Alissa, said.
According to the Board of Supervisors’s agenda for thursday they will vote on Halfmoon Township’s development of regional impact application.
It requests the township expands the regional growth boundary and sewer service area by about 935 acres.  That would allow them to build around 1500 homes.

“We’ll have to put in sewer lines,” Sharon Rovansek, homeowner in Port Matilda said.  “I don’t know how that affects everything else down the line, wildlife, nature.”
Alissa worries adding sewer lines could mean higher water and sewer bills for homeowners already living in the township.

“We’re going to have to update our infrastructure, which means is going to run a large cost and potentially those costs are going to come back onto the everyday consumer like my family,” Alissa said.

WTAJ reached out to developers and the board of supervisors but did not receive a comment.

The board of supervisors will vote on this development plan application Thursday night.


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