Residents plan to win mega millions!

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Some people weren’t only betting on the mega million drawing on Friday, they were hedging their bets…

“I bought one for the Powerball and one for the Mega Million and it’s everybody’s dream to win and you ain’t gonna win unless you play, ” said Ray Barley, as he bought a ticket at the Rutter’s store in Allegheny Township, Blair County.  

It’s only the size of the prize that’s different this week for Ray. He plays every week.

Joe Shriver came for gas, a sandwich, and oh yeah….”Picked up my winning ticket tonight for the mega lottery,” he added.

He’d spread the wealth among his five kids and other family members, give some to charity, take quite a few trips, and retire.

Rutter’s Shift Lead Summer Fortier says it’s been a busy day, with everybody interested in what’s now $1 billion dollars.   

“Hoping it’s the winning ticket that we sell them. I don’t guarantee winners,” she said, adding that we’re all winners, until they pick the number.

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