Residents near UAJA notice returning smell, as construction goes on

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In past years residents near the University Area Joint Authority in State College have complained about the smell that comes from the waste water treatment plant.

Folks who live in the Independence Place neighborhood near the University Area Joint Authority, in State College, tell me the smell is back and it’s as bad as it’s ever been.

“It’s very much raw sewage,” Sandra Gonzalez, Homeowner, in the Independence Place Neighborhood said.

“It think the first time we noticed it we were just out walking out dogs,” Ashik Sathish, Resident in the  Independence Place, said.

“I’ve grown up in State College, with the smell,” Elisabeth Connors-Kos, Resident, in Independence Place, said.

Residents say they get that smell every day and have to always keep their house windows closed and drive with their noses covered.

“It’s just like rotten eggs and tuna and it’s just not a pleasant smell,” Connors-Kos, said.  “It ruins dates.
Cory Miller, Executive Director for UAJA, says the reason people in the area smell the plant more now is because of construction.

The plant is in the process of moving their treatment facility to a new building, in a ten million dollar project.

That new building will work more efficiently and have better equipment like filters, that completely keep out moisture, which causes smells.  That project is set to be finished in July, meanwhile moving that facility is causing more of a smell.

“Having that taken care of by July would be nice, to help mitigate the problem,” Sathish, said.
“I think that’s a great idea, anything to minimize the smell is helpful,” Connors-Kos, said.
Those residents and homeowners say there are concerns in the neighborhood, like people finding out about the smell and deciding not to a buy a house in the neighborhood.  But, they say they are hopeful the smell will be gone once and for all when the treatment facility transfer is done.

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