Residents fight back against township plans to build on local park

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A community in Huntingdon County is fighting to keep their local park from being taken over by a building for the township.

Officials from Walker Township looked at spot for the building one side of the Woodcock Valley Park, but said the footprint for the new building fit better on park’s the recreational field near the start of the  walking path.

Township Supervisor Joe Harford said the current township building is no longer efficient, and they need a new building to serve current and future needs.

In December, the township announced they were taking a portion of Woodcock Valley Community Park to use for an office building and maintenance shed.

When neighbors who live near the park found out about the plans, they said they were heartbroken.

Folks planned to vote on the building’s construction Tuesday night during a township meeting, but the vote was postponed.

Some of the locals working to protect Woodcock Valley Park explained what would happen if they lost that portion of the park.

“If they build the maintenance shed and office building, we will have at the end of the park, we will have all of the road chemicals. We will have the heavy equipment that is used and if I were a parent, I would not let my child come, walk down to the park alone, ” Edna Querry, a Walker Township resident, said.

“We have a lot of kids that live in this area,” Chris Linn, another Walker Township resident, said. “They have a lot of distractions as it is with inside games and videos, you know, this is a great open air space, a great green space for them to learn to be out and learn the value of athletics and healthy living. We’re gonna take that away? I don’t understand that.”

“Everyday I bring my dog down here and walk, at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evenings,  and the park starts over where the fields are. It’s nice to hear the children’s laughter. I would be very angry if they took that away,” Walker Township resident Tracy Gibson said.

Township officials say they want to work with local resident to find a location for the building that works best for the township.

The dicussion will continue at the next township meeting on April 16 at 6 p.m. at the township building.

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