Researchers test migraine patch

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For patients with migraines, it’s often a waiting game .. suffering through debilitating pain while the medication kicks in. Now, researchers in Massachusetts are testing a new patch that could help patients get relief faster.. with less side effects.

A medication taken in tablet form doesn’t really get absorbed well enough or rapidly enough to provide effective headache relief,” says Doctor Egilius Spierings, Neurologist, Tufts Medical Center. The patch from Zosano Pharma Works uses tiny needles coated with medication to deliver a migraine drug  right into the bloodstream.

Dr. Spierings says, “Once the patch is applied to the skin, these microneedles will penetrate the skin, generally not even deep enough to hit the nerve, so it’s not a painful procedure. But deep enough to bring the medication into the circulation

Glen Brown has been using the patch for six months. He says it’s providing relief in just 20 to 45 minutes and he doesn’t feel as sluggish.

So far, researchers say patients are tolerating the patch system well and no serious side effects have been reported. Currently about 250 patients are enrolled in the study testing the new patch system.

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