Representative says he had no part in consolidation plans

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Plans are in the works to consolidate State Police forces in Centre County.

Representative Scott Conklin said the decision to consolidate Philipsburg State Police with Rockview is troubling.

“I don’t believe moving that barracks almost 30 miles away is an acceptable solution,” he said.

It’s a solution Conklin said he had no part in creating.

“They didn’t even allow me to know, clear up to just a few weeks ago, that this barracks is being closed. Even the Governor of Pennsylvania stated, about four weeks ago, that he wasn’t aware of the closing,” Conklin said. “These decisions aren’t being done with elected officials. I don’t even know if they’re being done with the individuals who need to know within the State Police.”

Under the proposal, Philipsburg and Rockview State Police would be housed in the Benner Commerce Park, just off of I-99 in Bellefonte.

Conklin said the plan also calls for less troopers to be stationed there.

“Centre County is the second fastest growing county in the state, but the plan itself is calling for less personnel,” he said.

There are 35 municipalities in Centre County. Rockview covers 26, Philipsburg covers nine.

“I’m furious,” Nancy Snyder, a Philipsburg resident, said.

Snyder has many of the same questions and is hoping they’re answered Thursday during a meeting she’s organized.

“Who would want to live in Philipsburg if we don’t have coverage? We have nothing. We have an industrial park, why didn’t they put it up there? What’s wrong with this side of the mountain? We might as well put a sign out, welcome all criminals because we have no police protection,” Snyder said. “We deserve police protection. We pay taxes and we deserve it.”

The meeting will be held Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at Philipsburg-Osceola Middle School.

Snyder expects Conklin, Senator Jake Corman and two State Police representatives from Harrisburg to be there.

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