Renovations completed at State College Area High School

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The State College High School has wrapped up multiple two-year plus renovation projects.

Since the start of the 2016 school year, State College Area High School students have had art class and academic counseling in small, temporary rooms. But now that’s all changed.

First, the new art rooms, including a design lab, a room for media, one for photography, and for 2D and 3D projects. These spaces are bigger and have new features.

The photography room allows students to print processed film to large sizes, Something State College Area High School Junior Arie Fox is experiencing for the first time.

“Photography is something that I’m interested in and will probably do something with in my future so, having that resource is really exciting for me,” said Fox.

There’s also a new design lab that didn’t exist before. All students interested in art are welcome.

“A maker space for students to be able to tinker with the creative process and some available resources, as well as eventually get creative consultation from student peers that have more design experience about the way that their projects and other content area look,” said Danielle Crowe, K-12 Art Coordinator for the State College Area School District.

Like the art rooms, all the rooms and offices in the counseling suite are night next to each other, not in other buildings like before. So, students have more privacy when talking to counselors and have been given more space and technology.

“We have a new technology set up in the conference rooms as well as in this lobby area, so we can give presentations with wireless technology, which is fantastic,” said Paul Brigman, School Counselor, State College Area High School.

The library and gym have have also been modernized with technology. They’ll be ready for the start of next school year, in August.

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