Removing stop signs? Ebensburg leaders ‘proceeding with caution’

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Stop signs are there to keep drivers and pedestrians safe, but can there be too many stop signs? That’s the question Ebensburg Borough leaders are looking into now.

During a council meeting Monday, Councilman John Cobaugh posed the question after receiving complaints from residents that there are too many stop signs in the borough.

“They get so used to stopping at every corner in Ebensburg and then when they have a street that don’t have a stop sign, they’re stopping because they’re used to stopping,” Cobaugh said. “I think some of the stop signs have to go.”

Between two and four-way stops at many intersections, Borough Manager Dan Penatzer said it can be confusing for drivers.

“We’re just looking for some ways to maybe eliminate some confusion,” Penatzer said.

Locals and shoppers have mixed opinions. Sharon Bader worried removing any stop signs could be dangerous.

“If the stop signs are completely eliminated, the speed limit would be a great concern,” Bader said.

Julie Doyle, a runner and local business owner, said it might make driving around town easier.

“As long as the feasibility studies and all the safety studies are done, and it seems to make sense, then I’d be for it,” said Doyle, the owner of Up-N-Running.

Ebensburg leaders and police are going to evaluate traffic in the area and see if they should add four-way stops at intersections or take down some stop signs all together.

“It’s a busy town. There’s a lot going on and some of the drivers just aren’t necessarily accustomed where to expect all these stop signs,” Penatzer said.

Borough officials and locals agreed safety is a top priority.

“More stop signs doesn’t necessarily mean safer,” Penatzer said.

“As a runner and a pedestrian who uses a lot of the streets, I just want to make sure I’ll be able to do what I like to do,” said Doyle.

“I would be concerned about it and I would urge the people to speak up,” Bader added.

Borough officials will evaluate the streets and seek residents’ opinions before making ay decisions.

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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