Remembering George H. W. Bush as a veteran

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President George H.W. Bush came into World War II as an 18 year-old, and left as a Navy Lieutenant and air pilot, with the Distinguished Flying Cross award for key missions in the South Pacific.

Local veterans tell me it’s that kind of service, bravery, love for country and sacrifice you don’t always find in a president.
Tim Lake, is a Vice Commander for the American Legion in Centre Hall.
He served in the Navy during the Desert Storm War and says having a former Naval Lieutenant as President gave him and his colleagues a new kind of energy.
“You could see moral difference in the Navy, at least on the ship that I was on and I heard about it on other ships as well, it changed,” Lake, said.
Gary Way, Post Commander for the American Legion in Centre Hall, says he knows what the challenges Bush faced in the war were like, because his father faced similar situations.
“My father was in the greatest generation and he flew a bomber, a B24 bomber in the second world war,” Way said.  “So, he has a lot in common with that and President Bush, they were both bombers in the war.” 
In fact, during combat, President Bush’s plane was shot down, forcing him to a liferaft.

“They saved him on a boat, he was shot down, so he is a great American,” Way said.
“It’s certainly the loss of a great man, not only as president, but you know for his military service and for all that he’s done for our country,” Lake said.
Those veterans tell us they would like to see military service be a requirement for becoming president of the United States.

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