CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Do good. Be kind. #LivRed; that’s what the LivRed Foundation is all about.

Stephanie Urban created the non-profit organization whose mission is to make the world a better place through random acts of kindness. She created LivRed as a way to keep her sister Olivia Red’s name alive after being killed by a drunk driver.

“I want kids fighting over good deeds in Olivia’s name…and they’re doing it,” said Urban.  

Stephanie says students come to her with projects ranging from dressing up as Disney princesses and going to children’s hospitals, to helping seniors get groceries at local stores.

LivRed also recognizes two high school seniors each year with $5,000 who live each day as Olivia did. She calls it the Side by Side Humanitarian Award.

“Olivia and I always said we’ll get through it, side by side. We’ll get through it sissy, side by side,” said Stephanie.

According to Stephanie they don’t look at grades or even athletic ability.

“You could be the smartest kid in the world but you could not be nice. You could be the star basketball player or quarterback but you could not be nice,” said Stephanie.

But Stephanie doesn’t stop there, she also travels to schools and prisons sharing Olivia’s story and teaching about the perils of drinking and driving.

“I just don’t want people to forget her,” said Stephanie.

A girl, that was known for her kindness and ability to light up the room so much so, that she’d put the sun to shame.

“A girl came up to me and said you don’t know me but I was friends with her on Facebook. And she said she saw based on what I was posting that I self harm, and she said Olivia became friends with me and it’s been a year since I self harmed, and I didn’t even know, I honestly didn’t know Olivia was doing this,” said Stephanie.

While Stephanie was surprised, her sister Nicole Levis says she wasn’t.

“The reason Olivia was the way she was…is because of Stephanie. She learned from her and so had a heart like hers,” said Nicole.

Olivia, better known as “Sissy” to Stephanie was just 20-years-old when she tragically passed away doing something kind for someone else on May 31, 2018.

“She worked the night shift so she was getting off around midnight when she saw one of her friends Ang still there. And she said Ang what are you doing? Why are you still here?” retailed Stephanie.

Olivia’s friend Angela, had a 6-month old baby back at home, so was waiting for her husband to wake the child, before coming to get her.

“And Olivia said no way, no way is he taking that baby out in the middle of the night. Just get in the car and I’ll take you home,” said Stephanie.

Just as the two girls were going up 56 towards the Galleria exit in Johnstown, Angela reached down to grab her bag to pump some milk.

“And all she remembers Olivia saying is Ang hang on, and Oliva put her arm out,” demonstrated Stephanie.

A drunk driver traveling in the wrong direction hit them head-on, causing them to spin and be put directly in the path of an 18-wheeler truck which ultimately ran them over.

Olivia fought for 28 minutes until her ribs ended up impaling her heart.

“I tortured myself for the longest time listening to that 911 call every day. Every week I still have about 2 to 3 nightmares and wake up screaming and crying. I can’t help but wonder if she was wondering where I was because I told her I’d always be there. Like sissy where are you because I’m scared” said Stephanie.

Stephanie said she found out something was wrong that tragic night when Olivia’s boyfriend called her saying she hadn’t come home. Using Find My iPhone, he saw that she was at Conemaugh Hospital.

He quickly called, only to be told that Olivia had been in a bad accident and that he needed to get there as soon as possible.

While getting ready, he called again to get another update. During that call, he was told that Olivia had passed away.

“I don’t remember much, my husband says the only thing he remembers is me going Olivia’s dead, Olivia’s dead. And getting to the hospital I remember knocking down a security guard because they wouldn’t let me in,” said Stephanie.

Once inside Stephanie begged to see her sister, despite the nurse telling her it would only make things worse.

“I didn’t want to listen, I had to see it….her face was like pushed back and she had no teeth and like an idiot I lifted the sheet that she was under and was able to see her heart and her hand was down to the bones and my husband and dad had to carry me out,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie says the only bone Olivia didn’t break was the one that she put out trying to save Angela.

“We heard the 911 calls so we could hear her fighting. In the background, we could hear her crying and struggling to breathe. Everyone telling her hang on, hang on,” Stephanie said.

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At Olivia’s funeral, Stephanie made her sister a promise.

“I said the world’s going to know who you are, Olivia,” vowed Stephanie.

If she could make one phone call to Heaven, Stephanie says she would say this:

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t save her, and that I wish it would’ve been me, and that I hope she’s dancing, and that I’m going to keep my promise” said Stephanie.