Red Cross looking to prevent fire-related deaths in Clearfield County with free smoke alarms

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Clearfield officials know how important the Red Cross can be in moments of devstation. Back in 2016,  a flood destroyed many homes within the town. “There were a lot of folks that had issues with furnaces basements and mold and it really was a blessing for the red cross to come,” says borough operations manager Leslie Stott.

Now, they’re teaming up with the Red Cross. This time it’s to prevent disasters with their ‘Sound the Alarm campaign’.

It’s the first time they’ll be giving away smoke alarms in Clearfield  for free. Ken Geary is the executive director of the PA Mountain Chapter of the Red cross and has spearheaded the project for the past four years.”We will be installing an alarm with a 10 year lithium battery so they won’t have to worry about it for 10 years,” says Geary.

The Clearfield fire department says the devices could be lifesaving, when minutes matter most. ‘It only takes a matter of two three minutes until the entire structure could be well engulfed,” says Deputy Fire Chief, Justin Woorley.

The national red cross just installed their millionth fire alarm this past October. The plan is to reduce fire related deaths by 25% across the country. “The numbers are staggering. I think to give back to the community, it was so important to start this campaign,” says Geary.

Borough officials say they hope this will bring down the number of fire calls. “We’re all going to come together to do something good for our community,” adds Stott.

The Red Cross will be installing the smoke alarms on Saturday, March 28. To receive the free devices, call the Red Cross at (814) 943-3027 or on their webpage.

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