Reckless driver damages local golf course

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Rick Grubb, the General Manager at the Golf Pro shop at Iron Masters Country Club, said a driver plowed through the course’s 9th hole Friday night, leaving substanial damage.

“Members and everybody here was, you know, disappointed and angry that somebody would come and do something like this,” he said.

Tire marks are scattered on the green, which kicked up dirt.

While State Police investigate the incident, Grubb said they’re working to patch up the damaged hole as quickly as possible. 

“Most of the green is still gonna be playable. We’ll get some sod off of another part of some other greens that we have and put in here. It’s gonna take a week or two or three to heal up,” Grubb added.

While the incident is disappointing for anyone planning to use the course, Grubb joked that if you’re having a bad day, and your game is off, you can blame it on the uneven green. He also wanted to reassure folks the course will be fixed in the near future.

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