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State College, Pa- WTAJ asked many who frequently use the crosswalk at the Park Avenue/McKee Street intersection, what they think about a pedestrian island being added with the goal of increasing overall safety.

“I think it will be very helpful for pedestrians, and runners being able to cross the street here,” said Michael Martin of State College.

Martin crosses the intersection twice a day: before and after his run.

“Traffic can be very heavy… some people stop and some people don’t,” Martin added when talking about cars driving by. Michael hopes that the pedestrian island will bring more pedestrian awareness to drivers, just by displaying a change in the crosswalk structure.

The same can be said for Anna Neal, a high school student who commutes to Penn State everyday to take college courses. She had some tips on crossing a busy intersection:

“I think when you’re traveling alone…just making sure you’re looking both ways and definitely when you’re teaching kids when they’re young….teaching them you have to look… I know a lot of students who just walk out in front of cars.”

And according to Neal, the mindset of the aforementioned students is that the cars will stop. But she never assumes.

“I mean, it’s the law that they have to stop… but you never know whether or not they’re ready to brake or if they’re just not paying attention. It’s definitely something you have to watch out for,” Neal said.

State College Borough hopes to have the construction complete by October of this year. Construction will be halted during Penn State football weekends.

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