Re-trial of Blair County man convicted of 2004 murder underway

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BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The re-trial of Paul Aaron Ross, a man convicted for the 2004 murder of Tina Miller, began Tuesday morning at the Blair County Courthouse.

Both parties have presented their opening statements with the prosecutor, former Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio, going first.

Consiglio presented a thorough, yet reserved, overview of the case, including the evidence and key witnesses the jury will hear.

“Just do your best, that’s all we ask,” Attorney Consiglio said.

The defendant’s attorney, Thomas Dickey, chose to present an opening statement as well.

“We’re not going home yet,” Dickey said. His statement was focused on reminding the jury to keep an open mind.

Both parties disagreed on what the key points of evidence are. Prosecutor Consiglio said it’s the beer bottles with matching serial numbers, but Attorney Dickey said it’s multiple footprints with different tracks.

The jury heard from four witnesses today, including two troopers at the time of the homicide, the woman who discovered Tina Miller’s body and the Blair County Coroner. The coroner was the most contested by the defendant, as he questioned her qualifications and accuracy of evidence.

The jury was presented with a series of photographs, outlining the areas of Canoe Creek Park where Miller was found and presenting the damages to her body. They also saw physical evidence, including the beer bottles, duct tape, and shoe impressions found.

More witnesses will be brought to the stand over the next two weeks. If Ross is found unanimously guilty by the jury, beyond reasonable doubt, it will then be determined if he will receive a death sentence.

We will continue to update you as the re-trial continues.

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