Punxsutawney School District to allow students mask breaks

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – The Punxsutawney Area School District announced they will begin implanting mask breaks and desk shields in all classrooms across the district. Students will be allowed two mask breaks per day, with each lasting 15 minutes.

These breaks will occur when a student is at their desk and isolated or working alone. These breaks must be done at desks that are equipped with a desk shield, which are now available in all classrooms within the school district.

In a statement released by the school district, PASD outlined the scenarios in which students can take their masks off.

I. Students will wear masks or face shields at all times during the school day except:
A. If a student has a note from their PCP stating the student should be excused from
wearing a mask
B. While the student is outside of the building
C. While the student is eating food
D. The student requests a mask break, and the teacher allows the student to take a
mask break at that time given the following requirements are met…

  1. The student obtains a desk shield and properly sets it up on the desk
  2. The student stays seated at the desk and does not leave without putting the
    mask back on
  3. The student agrees that the mask break is for 3-5 minutes or less
  4. Students are spaced 6 ft apart in the classroom and/or hallway and are not
    around other students
    II. Teachers will attempt to provide and accommodate mask breaks by doing the following:
    A. Permit all students who are eating to remove their masks.
  5. This provides a mask break 2X per day for 15 minutes apiece
    B. Permit students that are outside to remove their masks if they choose to do so
  6. Recess would provide a mask break 1X per day for 30 minutes
    C. Have desk shields available for those that need them during class to take a mask
    D. At the teachers’ discretion, they may allow students to work in the halls or outside
    depending on the circumstances and whether the students can be socially distanced and
    properly supervised.

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