Punxsutawney Phil speaks out about ‘wanted’ charges

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As snow coated Pennsylvania on the first days of spring, many are turning their frustrations to the furry forecaster in Punxsutawney.

His face is plastered on wanted posters in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. The Sherrif’s department calling for his capture. However,  that didn’t sit well with the groundhog club

Phil’s handler says, “it’s probably is a misunderstanding on their part because Phil is the messenger. He does not actually create the weather.” 

They teamed up with the Jefferson County Sheriffs department to let authorities across the state know these threats will not be tolerated. “That’s not what we’re hoping for, that’s what we’re going to do is make sure Phil has no trouble from anybody or any bounty hunters,” says Jefferson County Sherrif, Carl Gotwald.

Phil called for six more weeks of winter, now, the groundhog club is turning the blame to mother nature. “[Phil’s] ready for spring too. I would say he’s getting pretty feisty at this point. He’s definitely done hibernating,” adds Dereume.

The Jefferson County Sherriff’s Department says they will be keeping Phil on protected surveillance until all charges are dropped. 

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