PSU Trustees Call for Special Meeting to Potentially Discuss Previously Classified Information

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On Tuesday, ten members of the Penn State board of trustees issued a written notice about a special meeting for all trustees this Friday.

This special meeting was called to discuss a  “matter of reputational harm to the University” .

Trustees that will be present include Jay Paterno, and outgoing members Anthony Lubrano and Ryan McCombie. Seven trustees, through a legal effort, gained access to the Freeh report on the Jerry Sandusky Scandal back in November in 2015.

Many of the trustees have called the Freeh report a “rush to judgement”, believing it unfairly paints a negative picture of Penn State University.

The University has been criticized by many trustees for accepting the Freeh report without skepticism.

We reached out to Lawrence Lokman, Penn State Vice President of Strategic Communications who responded to the meeting with the following statement:

“We can discern no real urgency for this last-minute request, which can be included at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. It’s important to note that at no time was the topic raised or discussed in advance with Board leadership, President Barron, or University Counsel. No advance information has been shared. Board leadership, including President Barron, will not be participating. We are unaware whether other Board members will participate.”

Many trustees believe that showing previously classified documents to all trustees will help to clear the reputation of Penn State. They plan to share the content of these documents on Friday.

The meeting is scheduled for 1:00 pm on Friday at The Penn Stater. There’s a public session immediately following the meeting at 2:00 pm.

WTAJ will be at The Penn Stater Friday for the public portion of the meeting, and will have the full details on what transpires.

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