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The class gift is a long standing tradition at Penn State.

This year seniors are looking to raise money for an organization that impacts not only the university, but the whole community.  

“It’s one of the best causes, I think of any other club at the university. It’s just a really exciting thing to be doing,” explained sophomore Katie Leite.

Students spent their Sunday morning harvesting lettuce at the Penn State Student Farm. 

The 2018 PSU class chose the organization for one of three endowments.

“It’s actually part of a 5 year $25 thousand dollar endowment,” said Senior Olivia Holt. “So we’re trying to split it up a little. So our goal for this year is $5,000.”

The funds will go towards expanding the program and offering educational workshops.

Leite says the crops they grow are for students and the community. 

“The food behind me we actually sell to the dining halls and we’ll donate some of it and that’s mostly in the winter because we can only grow hydroponically.”

Their mission is much bigger than just growing crops said hort. 

“Not only providing food, but educating people. I think a lot of people that food insecurities isn’t an issue in our community but it really is.”

The farm for Leite, is now a passion she wants to continue to share with others. 

“I love it because it actually gets people really excited cause who doesn’t love getting their hands in the dirt,or picking a tomato themselves that they grew from a seed and eating it. It feels so good.”

The funds for the farm will be collected until the end of this semester. 

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