CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A weight-loss diet pioneered by a Penn State University (PSU) professor ranked No. 1, according to U.S. News & World Report.

A panel of health experts, including nutritionists and specialists in diabetes, heart health, human behavior and weight loss, reviewed detailed assessments of 40 diets and rated them in seven different categories.

Of those 40 diets, Volumetrics took the title of best diet for weight loss, No. 5 best diet overall and No. 7 easiest diet to follow.

PSU nutrition professor Barbara Rolls created Volumetrics, which is more of an approach to eating than it is a structured diet, according to U.S. News & World Report.

“The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet” book helps people decipher a food’s energy density, cut the energy density of meals and make choices that fight hunger. It’s available on Amazon.

Food is divided into four groups:

  1. Very low density – includes nonstarchy fruits and vegetables, nonfat milk and broth-based soup
  2. Low density – includes starchy fruits and veggies, grains, breakfast cereal, low-fat meat, legumes and low-fat mixed dishes like chili and spaghetti
  3. Medium density – includes meat, cheese, pizza, french fries, salad dressing, bread, pretzels, ice cream and cakes
  4. High density – includes crackers, chips, chocolate candies, cookies, nuts, butter and oil

According to the Volumetrics diet, people will go heavy on categories in one and two, watch portion sizes with category three, and keep category four choices to a minimum each day. The book also contains recipes and sample meal plans.

The best thing about Volumetrics? This diet is filling, and nothing is off-limits. However, there are lengthy meal preparations and a lot of fruits, veggies and broth-based soup.

For more general information on the diet, visit the U.S. News & World Report’s website. If this diet already sounds right to you and you’re ready to get started, the book can be purchased online.

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