HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ)– More than 250 people from all over the area gathered in front of the Blair County Courthouse Sunday afternoon to protest abortion laws in Pennsylvania.

The event comes just over a month since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and since a reproductive rights protest was held in the same place. Event organizer Ethan Potter says that he feels the time is now for the pro-life movement.

“I hope that we just get some fire going in our community for life,” says Potter. “Fire for life. We have fought for fifty years and this is the time, this is not the time to give up. We have to start helping mothers we have to start donating to our local pregnancy resource centers.”

People gathered to listen to several speakers, including politicians and religious leaders. Three local members of congress spoke, including Senator Judy Ward and Representatives Jim Gregory and Lou Schmitt. Potter says that he feels that abortion will become an even bigger topic of discussion as we get closer to the November elections.

“So I’ve already spoken to even pro-life democrats and they realize that now is the time to vote pro life. Before it could’ve been like well Roe v. Wade hasn’t been overturned yet and there’s really not a chance but I think for pro-life people, we are really gonna see them get out and vote,” says Potter.

One of the speakers was Jim Kilmartin, the senior pastor at Center City Church in Altoona. He says that while abortion is a highly debated issue in political discussions that it is important that people approach it more respectfully.

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“We need to honor people,” says Kilmartin. “We need to honor how people respond. But it’s important that you know your values, know your morals and you stand on those. But you do it out of respect for each other as well.”