Protecting elderly loved ones from abuse

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If you have a loved one that’s planning to move into a nursing home, Centre Crest Nursing Home here in Bellefonte suggests you should do your research.

Charles Myers lives at Centre Crest nursing home in Bellefonte.
He’s also the president of their resident club.
The 66-year old has arthritis in his legs and C-O-P-D. 
Before he decided on Centre Crest he and his sister asked the nurses questions about the care he would get.
“I’d like to ask her what she’s qualified for, what type of help she does, or if she does a certain type of study on people,” Charles said.
“Caregivers should be educating themselves to really build up that training so that you can learn what is the proper techniques to take care of someone so that you’re not getting into that situation where abuse might happen,” Andrew Naugle, Nursing Home Administrator for Centre Crest Nursing Home, said.
Naugle suggests asking for a background check and about their abuse training policy.
“I would ask to see their abuse training policy,” Naugle said.  “Number one, this shows that they’ve been trained on how to report abuse properly.  It will also will explain what their policies and procedures are for reporting that abuse.”
For Myers his research reassured him this was the right place for him.

“They take a lot of concern in what I need to get done, they try to help me out and that makes feel proud, good,” Charles Myers, President of the Resident Club, at Centre Crest, said.
If you do have a loved one in a nursing home Centre Crest suggests checking up on them regularly.
If they have bruises, they’re tired or are out of sorts talk to the nursing home director or tell the Area of Aging.


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