BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)– As schools approach the end of the year, upper-level students are getting all geared for the prom season; however, the cost may be higher than anticipated.

The average prom cost for a girl goes almost $1,000. That includes all the stops, such as the dress, hair, nails, flowers, and shoes. Local shops are experiencing an increase in their specialty items.

“Prices have gone up slightly, but we’re trying very hard to keep costs down for these kids and these families putting out tons of money for prom,” the Owner of Peterman’s Flower Shop, Andrea Hammel said.

Hammel had to up her prices of corsages and boutonnieres to keep up with the cost of the materials. Her corsages are up to five dollars more than the previous year and two dollars more for boutonnieres.

“Labor has gone up, delivery, freight, everything involved in creating that pretty little corsage has gone up in price,” Hammel said. “Everything from that adhesive we use to the freight to get the flowers in.”

Prom dresses and tuxedos are also no exception to the high cost either. The Village Closet on 17th Street in Altoona sells new and used prom gowns and tuxedos at affordable prices. Owner Floyd Deterline said that he also had to up his resale price because of gown prices on the uptick.

His shop consigns dresses, which means customers bring a well-conditioned dress to sell and receive 60% compensation for the sale. To provide a fair deal to the customer, he had to up his dresses prices by 20 dollars.

“With consigning gowns especially, gowns are costing more, so people are more conscious about that when they consign them,” Deterline said. ” They want to know what they’ll get for them and stuff like that. So we had to bump up a little bit because of the split percentage.”

Deterline said some of his customers had experienced different setbacks within their prom shopping. For example, customers have had to buy new dresses because online orders aren’t coming in time. Some customers also say there’s not an extensive selection at nearby places, and having to search in multiple spots.

“Many people have said there isn’t a lot of selection out there,” Deterline said. “Prices are ups. People just come and say, ‘I just can’t afford some of these prices,’ and are shopping and looking around.”

But both owners do what they can to make sure that costs remain affordable to customers. That’s why they have multiple options available to customers

“Some girls like to carry hand tie corsage,” Hammel said. “It’s like a little fancy bridesmaids bouquet, and those usually start around $35.”

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“Our cap being at $199 this year compared to three, four, five, six, eight hundred dollars other places,” Deterline said. “This is very reasonable.”