Professors, students-“The Big Bang Theory” used science experiements in show

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It’s the end of an era with the Thursday night series finale of the CBS comedy show, “The Big Bang Theory”.

A Chemistry professor at Penn State Altoona says the show “The Big Bang Theory” isn’t just good for entertainment, it’s also educational

Fans of the show “The Big Bang Theory” say it’s this generation’s “Bill Nye the Science Guy” or “The Twilight Zone”.
Henry Vachln is taking a Chemistry class at Penn State Altoona.  He says he got hooked on the show through his cousin.
“He was into it, and I was over at his house one time and he kind of got me into it,” Vachln, said.
Bill Van Der Sluys, Chemistry Professor at Penn State Altoona says he has one favorite scene from the sitcom.
“A clip known as Sheldon teaching Penny Physics,” Van Der Sluys, said.  “There’s an awful lot of things in there that are relevant to people learning Chemistry and Physics.”
He says he uses the science experiments and theories shown in the episode to teach and demonstrate physics to his students.
“They have a point that is relevant to what I’m trying to get my students to do and learn,” Van Der Sluys, said.

Henry hopes the show ends with a big bang…

“I definitely look forward to seeing how it all wraps up, maybe it even ties in with the Big Bang title,” 
Vachln, said.

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