Preventing Fires in the Cold Months

Local News

As the weather continues to get colder a local fire department is telling folks how to stay safe while staying warm.

Lou Brungard, Fire Chief for the Pleasant Gap Fire Company, is warning you to not use alternative heating sources, like stove stops, that are not meant to be used as a heat source.

He says this time of year, you need to get your heating appliances ready for the first time you use them.

“The first chimney fire of the year, just remember you can prevent that, clean your fluid, clean your firebox, start with a warm fire,” Brungard said.  “Don’t try to build the warmest one of the season, let those areas heat up closer to normal, than to have that larger fire in the fire box for the first time.”

Chief Brungard also says his department often sees fires start this time of year from people not taking safety precautions with heating. 
If you have questions about your smoke alarm, furnace, or something else in your house you can contact your local fire department for answers.

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