Preparing school lunches

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We have compiled some helpful tips for packing healthy lunches for kid’s lunches as they go back to school.

-First, have your children help pack their lunch.

-For younger children, give them a couple of options, and have them choose what they want in their lunches.

-For older children, you might be able to let them pack their own lunches.

-Give them a guide of what food groups should be included in their lunch.

Not only are you getting a helping hand, but you’re teaching kids about nutrition, without them even knowing it! And don’t forget the snacks which can be healthy

“So when we’re packing grab-and-go snacks, you can consider things like string cheeses, or maybe portable yogurt pouches,” said Kristen Smith, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. “Fruits that have fiber will keep your child full also.”

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