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Once Congressman Bill Shuster made his announcement to not seek re-election, his former challenger Art Halvorson announced his bid to run for the seat for the 4th time. But this opening could also be an opportunity for 3 term State Senator John Eichelberger to consider a run for congress.

Halvorson came within 1,200 votes of beating Shuster in the 2016 primary. He then lost running as a democrat in the general election. Though this is his 4th try at the seat, he doesn’t see it as a disadvantage.

Halvorson explained, “I’m the kind of guy that didn’t always get things on the first try. I believe persistence is the sauce for success. So, you keep doing it, you get better, smarter every time you do it and I think that’s the case here.”

Halvorson believes Shuster hasn’t represented the conservative values that he feels the 9th district is tied to. He looks to go to Washington to bring a change to the way things are done. 

He detailed, “People here are terrific and they haven’t been represented well. I want to demonstrate a different way of representing them and go to Washington and be a fighter and to turn back some of these bad policies and support President Trump. 

Considering a run at the open seat is State Senator John Eichelberger. He too believes Shuster has let conservative issues go. It’s a contributing factor in his decision.   

Eichelberger explained, “We need people that will go down and do the right things. If they have to take an unpopular stance, if they have to work against leadership in the caucus, they have to do the right thing.”    

Eichelberger though, says most of his colleagues in the PA Senate have asked him not to run. He says they want him to be there to help lead unfinished business if the 2018 governor’s race falls their way.

He says, “They say a lot of nice things and that they want me to stay, particularly if we can get a republican governor we can get a lot done.” 

Senator Eichelberger expects to have a decision made in the next couple weeks. Also considering a run is Michael DelGrosso, the vice president of DelGrosso Foods. He too will make an announcement in the coming weeks. 

In a statement, DelGrosso said, “In the coming weeks, I plan to make a decision on whether or not I will be a candidate for the 9th Congressional District seat. For the past 12 years, I have had the opportunity to help grow my family’s 74 year-old business, DelGrosso Foods, where we have developed new products, expanded our brand nationally and internationally, and created jobs and economic opportunities throughout Central Pennsylvania. My decision to run will ultimately reflect careful consideration with my family and friends on how I can best serve our community, whether as an elected official or through continued local business engagement.” 

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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