Porch thief victim fights back

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“I forgot it…well yeah I sort of forgot about it but then I thought, no I’m going to play some games.”

61-year old Robert Lynch isn’t your average homeowner. He’s been fed up since thieves broke into his car twice within the past three years. The first time he had nearly $60 worth of change stolen, and the second time the thief stole $500 worth of tools. But he’s hoping what was stolen of his porch this time…may make those thieves never come back.

“Well i forgot about it,” said Lynch. “Garbage man came took my garbage and I had this box of cat litter.”

That’s right, a five pound box filled with cat feces and kitty litter. He put it on his porch last Wednesday to see what would happen, and sure enough, it was stolen. With the surveillance cameras that he recently installed, he got a clear look at the thief.

“When I first saw I thought I couldn’t believe somebody would take that, but then I laughed about it,” said Lynch. “If I was on the bus and sitting by that person and she opened this box, I mean, the smell was unbelievable.”

Although Lynch can laugh about it now…he tells Eyewitness News it’s still a serious matter that people are frequently stealing things on Diamond Street. Police have been made aware, and are on the look out.

“So right now, I have two more boxes out now and Merry Christmas.”

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