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 Both Centre County Republicans and Democrats have been working hard to get people to the polls. Since it’s not a presidential or senate election year, they said it’s much harder to get people to vote.

With election day quickly approaching, political parties have been working hard to get voters out to the polls for the local election.   

“Because of the lower turnout, which is something we are trying to combat…by really just making sure we have grassroots, boots on the ground, knocking on every door, calling everybody we can,” Centre County Young Democrats President Laura Shadle said.

During primary elections this past May, only about 22 percent of the population came out to vote.

“So you don’t even have a fifth or a quarter of the voters voting….so anyone you see; I don’t care for whom they vote. Just so they do it,” Ron McGlaughlin’s campaign manager Anne Layng said.

In the days leading up to the election, both Centre County Republicans and Democrats have been making calls to residents and canvassing the county trying to spread the word.

“We also have volunteers, who will do door-to-door. Mostly they do door hangers that have information on them about candidates,” Layng said.

It’s this personal contact that many campaigns believe can make a difference in turnout.

“One, I think we have a lot of great conversations with people too. Especially on a local level. Just I think a lot of people do appreciate being engaged about it,” Shadle said.

While this old-school way of contacting people is stilled used, both can agree social media has widened the path to reaching people.

“I think it’s huge. It’s totally changed the political scene. and how we run campaigns,” Layng said.

“We focus very heavily of digital as well. Scheduling posts with all information on candidates, we primarily use Facebook and Twitter,” Shadle said.

Polls open are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Centre County.

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