Police work to contain loose cow in neighborhood before more help arrives

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It’s not every day police get a call for a bull on the loose, but it’s what happened in Centre County today.

This afternoon a cow came loose from a farm in Boalsburg.  State College Police tried to capture the animal as it was running through neighborhoods.

Just moments ago a large cow was wandering through his neighborhood, charging State College police officers who were trying to contain it with a rope.

Police say the bull escaped from a farm, and damaged some houses and property in nearby neighborhoods.

I spoke to a neighbor who says his kids feed the cows in the fenced in area behind their house, but he never expected this.

I was surprised to see one of our cows that we usually feed in our backyard in our front yard and it was just rubbing against our car, a couple of our trees, a little damage to the neighbors light post, Jason Flickinger, neighbor in Boalsburg, said.

No one was injured.  The farm was contacted.  Workers were able to get the bull to walk into a trailer.

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