Editor’s note: Cresson Borough Police responded to Fox’s Pizza. It was previously reported as state police.

CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Three men are facing charges after police said they stole nearly $8,000 from skills games at a market and pizza shop in Cresson.

The three men Dharlim Vasquez, 22, of Lebanon, and Yonelvi Baez Batista, 22, and Juan Abreu, 21, of Reading, were reportedly playing PA Skills Games at West End Market in Cresson back in January. The owner told police that they were playing and cashed in $2,200 on Jan. 18 and another $1,100 on Jan. 25. He said at one point they claimed the machine froze and they had to restart it.

The owner also stated that Fox’s Pizza in Cresson was “hit” the week before by the three men.

At Fox’s Pizza, the men allegedly cashed out around $2,400 from the Skills machine on Jan.19. On March 28, Cresson Borough Police were called to Fox’s Pizza again. They noted that security footage from March 26 showed the three men at the Skills machine where they allegedly turned the game off and on a total of 26 times and tried to cash out $4,484. Employees told them they don’t have that much on hand and they’d need to come back.

According to court documents, police got a photo of the three men and left Fox’s Pizza. 20 minutes later, they were called again as the three men showed up to try and cash out their $4,484.

Police then arrived to find Vasquez in a Volkswagon Jetta with tinted windows while the other two were in the pizza shop. All three men were arrested and police found large amounts of money with them.

The total loss through all thefts between West End Market and Fox’s Pizza was $7,900 in addition to the $4,484 ticket they tried to cash out. The total amount of money found on the men was $10,166.

All three men are facing theft, receiving stolen property and computer trespassing charges, all felony counts.

Vasquez posted bail while Abreu and Batista were placed in Cambria County Prison. All three men have preliminary hearings scheduled for April 6.