CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Two people are in jail on animal abuse charges after leaving three pets behind after they were evicted from their apartment.

On April 15, Johnstown police arrived at the 400 block of Linden Avenue after a report of animal cruelty. They met with witnesses who told them there were animals inside that had been left alone for over a week, according to charges filed. The most recent tenants were 32-year-old Owen Stiffler and 25-year-old Katrina Drazina.

Inside the home, officers noted they found animal feces across the floor, no food or water set out, and there was a dog kennel that had its door broken off with blood against the wall. They also found a black and white Dalmation, a black and white pit bull mix, and a white and grey short-haired cat — all of which were reportedly in bad condition.

The Dalmation had a bruise on its back as well as lesions on its nose and both ears that were infected, according to police. The pit bull mix had a past broken right paw that was not taken care of and abrasions on its face. When the animals were taken to the Somerset Vet ER, police were told the injuries appeared to be from the dogs potentially fighting over the lack of food and being left alone for an extended period of time. It’s noted the cat was skinny and bony, too.

The Dalmation had tubes inserted into its neck and was started on antibiotics. The dog also needed sutures and staples. The pit bull mix was put on antibiotics, as well. Both dogs also needed deworming.

Police were also told by the vet that the pit bull’s leg injury was permanently disfigured as it needed taken care of when it was broken. The Dalmation had to undergo surgery, though it was non-life-threatening.

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Stiffler and Drazina were both arrested and arraigned on a slew of animal cruelty charges. They’re both lodged in Cambria County Prison with bail at 10 percent of $20,000 each.

Both have a preliminary hearing scheduled for May 4.