Police investigating mulitple car break-ins

Local News

When Kristina Edwards of Morrisdale opened her car door Wednesday morning, she found everything in her glove box on her front seat, her wallet missing and change gone.

“I just felt like weird because somebody else was in my vehicle that i didn’t know,” Edwards said. “What all did they look at, did they take something i didn’t know i had in there?”

Edwards’ car wasn’t the only one broken into Tuesday night in Morrisdale. At least two others in the area reported items missing from their cars.

Edwards said she has a nightly routine where she locks her car doors.

“But if i happen to forget, I shouldn’t have to worry about people stealing my stuff,,” she said. “It’s like a violation of my privacy.”

So she’s reminding her neighbors to lock their cars and keep an eye open for anything unusual.

“Just be vigilant. if you see anything, just call the cops, i guess, because they don’t really have a clue who’s doing it,” Edwards said.

State police say they believe the incidents are connected and are investigating.

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