Police in Blair County Honor Officers Fallen In the Line of Duty

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Thursday in Blair County, police officers gathered to pay tribute to fellow officers fallen in the line of duty.

Tonight local officers marched on in a procession to begin a ceremony honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Laying their lives on the line to protect Blair County.

Displays of tributes to 14 officers gone but not forgotten rang out Thursday evening in front of a full crowd outside the Blair County courthouse.

Honored, with flowers a salute from standing law enforcement.

“It’s important for us to remember the officers that have fallen to help motivate the officer’s that are here now. To comfort the families of fallen officers, and to remind us why we do what we do”, said Officer H.T. Fones.

Fones, the guest speaker for the evening, suffered a heart attack while attempting to run down a criminal last year. A fellow officer revived him and in just two months after being in a coma, officer Fones was back on the job. A drive that to him, is just part of police DNA.

“It’s a special bond among officers and the time that I was out injured, I wanted nothing more than to be back with my brothers and sisters. That’s just how we’re wired, it’s what we do. We have to be here for each other”, Fones said.

A camaraderie that fuels compassion for others day in and day out.

“My favorite part is helping people that can’t help themselves. It’s always the most rewarding whenever I have an interaction with a small child and see a smile on their face… that’s probably my favorite part still”, said Fones.

It’s those little things… and the solemn serenity of taps that reminds them why they do their job.

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