Police foil suspected bank robbery after finding tunnel

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Bank burglaries are unfortunately a common thing across the country.

However, authorities and the FBI are investigating quite the unique attempt in Florida.

It all started with a complaint about a pot hole.

After receiving several calls about the pot hole a utility crew came to check it out. When they looked inside the hole, they saw a power cord running towards a nearby woodline and called police.

Officers found the entrance to a tunnel which was two to three feet in diameter along with a winch, generator, boots and a bucket among other items.

They determined it was a suspected bank burglary because the tunnel was heading straight towards an ATM on the side of the building!

“I would like to say I saw something like this in the movies, however this hole is so small that — it’s unique,” said Miami FBI Agent Michael Leverock. 

Officers believe the suspect had been working on the tunnel for a week or more using a pick-axe and a small wagon to remove the dirt and rock.

They say the recent rain likely led to the pot hole and prevented the crime.
The suspect is still on the loose.

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