Police cracking down on holiday DUIs

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Police are on the lookout for drunk drivers, especially during the holiday season.

They said this time of year is extremely dangerous because people are rushing to visit family and go shopping. Plus, roads are often icy or snowy.

“If you you’re a couple minutes late, you’re a couple minutes late. At least you made it there. The problem you have if you rush, you might not make it to see that relative or get that present at the store or whatever,” said Sgt. John Herdman from the Richland Township police department. “Just take your time. Don’t be in a hurry and just enjoy the season.”

Richland Township police said they regularly look out for impaired drivers and are increasing patrols.

“If you have to arrest somebody for a DUI around the holidays, it’s a bad situation for everybody involved. The worst part is if that person is in an accident and you draw innocent victims into it too,” Sgt. Herdman said.

Police recommend that you drive slowly and always be on the lookout. They also say you should wait a couple seconds if you’re at a stoplight once it turns green before you drive to double-check that the roads are clear.

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